Prizes 2017

Prizes Andros Trail Race 2017


We proudly present Andros Trail Race 2017 winning prizes.
3 different materials, 3 different artists!
Wire, wood, clay and three artists from Andros making the prizes for the three races of 24km, 10km & 1km: Christos, Giorgos and Katerina.
They were born in Andros; each of them loved their materials. We trusted their talent and we let them create unique, handmade prizes for the athletes, participating in the 2nd ATR.
Let’s meet them and take a sneak peek at the prizes....

Wire: Christos Efstathiou
Christos Efstathiou was born in Andros. He graduated from the pilot high school of applied arts and studied graphic design in IEK Omega. He continued his studies in “Plaka” Academy in Athens at interior design and freehand drawing. Through his work, he poses fundamental questions, providing his audience stimuli for consideration. His paintings depict the artist's personal truth, bear his stamp and reflect through their really impressive immediacy the cult personality of their creator.
Some of his works, belonging to the several thematic units that he has worked on from time to time, such as "People's time", "Frequencies", "Reconstruction" and "Profile", have been presented in solo and group exhibitions in Greece (An-art, Neandros etc.) as well as abroad (Denmark, Britain), receiving a great response of the art-loving audience. In Andros, his much loved birthplace, the artist maintains his private atelier.
His works are to be found in the Athens Concert Hall, in the Artshop in Goulandris' Museum of Contemporary Art in Andros, in the Michalarias' Art Gallery in Kiffisia, Athens, as well as in private collections.
Christos Efstathiou lives in Athens.

Wood: Giorgos Eleftheriou
Andnros is famous for the wind, the ship-owners, the museums and the traditional “fourtalia” omelet.
But in the last few years through a series of Woodcraft Exhibitions by the artist Giorgos Eleftheriou, Andros is promoting the cultural actions of the island.
Giorgos is a furniture and works of art conservator. He has converted an old stable to his workshop, where he works and creates.
His love for woodcraft started early for him. As he says:”my grandfather always said that we don’t throw what is broken, we fix it”. So I learned to repair our old furniture. Then I tried to create something by myself...and I did! But I didn’t stop there...
I completed my studies in Conservation of Works of Art and since then I have made and restored a great number of furniture and work of art. Each one of them is something unique to me.
Giorgos collects driftwood at the beach and transforms them into sculptures, either by combining or by carving them!
Clay: Katerina Kontou
Katerina Kontou was born in 1991 in Athens. He graduated with honors in 2014 from School of Fine Arts in University of Western Macedonia in Florina. Since then she is interested in painting and pottery. She has attended seminars of Art and Education. From 2012 until now she participates in children’s’ art activities and group exhibitions in Greece.

1km prices: The first three winners (boys and girls) will each receive 3 books sponsored by the Eugenides Planetarium.
The prices for the first man and woman originating from Andros Island are sponsored by “Petradi” jewelry shop in Chora.