Andros Trail Race 2019 -Sports and Society

Andros Trail Race 2019 supporting nature, environment AND people!

For the first time this year Andros Trail Race 2019 takes a step forward and supports “ORAMA ELPIDAS”, by inviting athletes and locals to be informed regarding this purpose to increase the number of bone marrow donors in Greece. There are already 64 Greek donors of stem cells to those in need.
When a patient needs stem cells/bone marrow transplant, a search is activated to find a matching donor, at first in the family (brother, sister). Giving that only 3/10 patients have a family member matching donor, for the 70% of the patients the search is extended to the World Marrow Donor Association, WMDA.
It is extremely important to increase the volunteer number, as it is very difficult to find a matching donor.
Anyone can be a donor between the age of 18-45. The process of stem cells collection is perfectly safe, similar to blood donation. It lasts only 2-3 hours and the donor can even go to work after donating! The stem cells are regenerating after a few days, so they can be given to the patient.
On Saturday 28th October at 16.00 at the Cultural Centre of Korthi Bay, the ATR Organization gives the floor to the Association to inform people about their work, truths and myths. On Sunday 29th October trained personnel of “ORAMA ELPIDAS” Association will be there to inform those who wish to become bone marrow donors.
We hope that everybody participating at the 4th ATR will contribute to this effort and give hope and life to those who are fighting for it.
You could be the one to save a person suffering from leukemia or a blood disease.
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Sports and Society

Andros Trail Race, always supporting the Cyclades Trail Cup actions, embraces the informative actions of “AgkaliaZW” a Cancer Volunteers Group (

On Saturday 28th September at 15.30 at the Cultural Centre of Korthi Bay an informative speech will take place regarding skin cancer and melanoma by a dermatologist, along with scientific leaflets. These programs aim to the accurate information about cancer and to connect people to the public hospitals and health centers for preventative check-ups.

These actions are sponsored by Bristol Myers Squibb pharmaceutical company.

“OEKK-AgkaliaZW” stands by patients for 43 years. Its purpose is always the benefit of those fighting against cancer.

We welcome everyone in Andros.