"Tavlomylos" of Episkopeio

Wind power was used in Andros and the rest of the Cycladic islands with an extensive network of windmills to grind grain.

In Andros, and mostly in Korthi region, a new type of windmill was developed, the horizontal "Tavlomylos". What is different about it is that it has a wooden wheel located inside the building fixed on a vertical axis.

"Tavlomylos" of Episkopeio is a retrofitted older tower-shaped windmill.

Near "Tavlomylos" you can also see the ruins of the only horseshoe-shaped windmill in Andros, built during the spread of the Cretan population after the "Great Cretan War" between the Venetians and the Turks, which ended in 1669 with the conquest of Crete from the Turks, resulting the refuge of many Cretan people.