ATR ADVENTURES a live game

The ATR is not only a sports event to our island. It is an event with multi-dimensional character, an invitation to meet the unique natural environment of Andros and everything connected to it: the landscape, the people and the cultural monuments and sites.
Andros Trail Race 2018: The Island, the Culture, the Challenge.
The ATR routes move along a unique network of trails, while the athletes are rewarded for their effort, by running through nature’s and man’s amazing “creations” such as old tracks, cobbled old streets, Venetian pathways and certified hiking trails, high mountains, ravines and streams, small oak forests, fountains, water mills, stone bridges, traditional villages, the castle-like monastery of Panachrandou, the medieval Upper Castle etc.
A very dense network of trails with a variety of morphology, dirt roads or terraced, old paved streets and Venetian –time trails or rocks, "stenes" (narrow trails) and certified hiking trails, is the canvas on which the two main routes of Andros Trail Race will once again leave their mark.
This year we invite you to live a different experience and discover the nature and culture through a mystery room!
ATR Adventures is a live game of action, puzzles and riddles testing the perception of each team. The team, consisting of 3-6 persons, is”locked” in a theme room. The purpose is to solve as many riddles as possible in a certain time, by using the five senses.
How well do you know ATR and Andros?
Come and play with us!
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ATR Adventures is coming..!
Participation fee for the registered athletes 3€. Duration 1,5 hour.